The Power of Recline

November 04, 2022

Lay down, stretch out, curl up, tuck your feet in. We don’t just sit on our sofas, we contort our bodies in all sorts of positions to get comfortable. So why not recline? After a long day, there’s nothing better than to stretch out in your comfortable recliner and relax, watch a movie, or take a nap….ahhhh.

Power Recliner Sofa - Revolve Furnishings

And with power, it’s a smooth ride. There’s no lever with a jerky motion that throws you back in the chair, and there’s no need to use your body weight and a death grip on the arms to push back. With a power recliner. you can safely hold a hot coffee (cold beer?) or snacks in one hand and with a simple push of the button, recline.


Power Recliner - Revolve Furnishings

The pros and cons of a power recliner

The manual labour needed to use traditional recliners doesn't work for everyone, and that's why a power recline can benefit those with an injury or reduced mobility. Along with being easier to operate, power recliners have a nearly infinite amount of positions, so you can choose whatever setting is the most comfortable for you. Not to mention the smooth transition from watching TV or reading a book to a full recline for taking a nap.

So what are the pros and cons of buying power recline?

  • Many models include a battery pack option to create a cordless piece that can float in the middle of your room.
  • Easy to operate and adjust to find the perfect position for you.
  • Some models have USB ports on the control panel to easily charge your devices while lounging.
  • Contemporary and modern design – you can’t tell it’s a recliner!
  • Sofa and sectional models with multiple reclining seats, so there's never a bad seat.
  • Minimal clearance is required for many models, meaning it won’t take up unnecessary space in your room and can go right next to the wall.

  • More expensive than a standard sofa.
  • Power cords across the floor (although this con is solved with the battery pack option).

Power Recliner - Revolve Furnishings

Where to find a good quality power recliner

At Revolve, we have a wide range of power recliners, from sectionals with multiple configurations, to sofas, loveseats and swivel chairs. Modern power recline models are not the overstuffed, puffy seats of the past and many have unique, unexpected features.

Want a sleek look? Check out our Stara model with the hidden control panel. Got a sore back? Check out our Godet model with power lumbar support. Need to charge your cell phone? Check out our Carrs, Raffaello, Toffi and many other models with USB ports in the control panel. And with our variety of available styles and our great range of leathers and fabrics to choose from, you’re sure to find the power recliner to suit your needs. Not sure what works in your room? Speak to our designers to plan out and configure the perfect fit and style for your space.

In conclusion: we love our power recliners! They can work for so many people because they're so easy to use and have so many great features. I purchased my first power recline sofa 7 years ago and I have never looked back. The only problem I have is watching too many movie marathons in comfort.

- Written by Stephanie Bennett 

Stephanie is a Lead Designer at Revolve Furnishing and has been working in the design industry for over 20 years. Stephanie enjoys building relationships with her clients and helping them create their own visual style. 

"Interior design is planning with an aesthetic sense - creating spaces that are better and right for the people who use them. My goal is to find simple and beautiful solutions that suit my clients' needs."

Contact Stephanie at / 403-255-8372 ext 811 and 822.

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