The Rising Popularity of Swivel Chairs in Modern Furniture

December 05, 2022

Ahh… the swivel chair. Believed to have first been fashioned by President Thomas Jefferson, the swivel chair has a rich and distinguished history in the world of interior design. It became notably popular in the 1950s as accent chairs in virtually every room in the house and boomed in the 1980s as ergonomic office chairs.

When we envision swivel chairs in modern furniture today, we typically think of big, clunky office chairs that would look awkward paired with the latest sofa or the standard bar stool that belongs in a retro diner. But, the swivel chair has transformed over the years, and you might be surprised to find that the beautiful accent chair featured in our modern furniture store, indeed, swivels!

At Revolve Furnishings modern furniture store, we love contemporary swivel chairs for their combination of style and utility. The beautiful designs you see today are a big reason why they’ve been steadily increasing in popularity and are being featured more frequently in interior design blogs and magazines everywhere.

How to style a modern swivel chair

The swivel chair has come a long way from the clunky and sometimes rickety wooden structure it used to be. With gorgeous contemporary designs and a discrete swivelling base, they’re found in many trendy homes around the world. Here are some of our top recommendations for styling a modern swivel chair in your own home.

  • As an accent chair to break up the space - If you have a living room that feels a little too uniform, a swivel chair is a perfect piece to break up the monotony. A swivel chair can act as an accent chair that quite literally adds movement and interest.
  • Add cushions and textured fabrics - Don’t be afraid to play it up with colours, textures, and patterns that nicely complement the style of the swivel chair. Cushions and fabrics are simple yet impactful ways to add texture to a space.
  • As a functional filler - In bedrooms especially, swivel chairs are an excellent functional option for filling up empty corners. Choose a comfortable swivel chair that allows you to curl up and read a good book and pair it with a modern side table.
  • Complement your sofa with a swivel chair - Depending on the size of the space and what you can accommodate, place swivel chairs across your sofa or loveseat, or beside them to create structure. Instead of an exact colour that matches your sofa or loveseat, we recommend choosing a complementary colour to create a more dynamic and fashion-forward room.
  • As a stylish office chair - Swap your typical office chair for a modern and stylish swivel chair that not only provides you with functionality but adds excitement to your office area. Your workspace should inspire you - all of the little details matter, right down to where you sit!
  • To switch up your dining chairs and bar stools - Dining chairs are often stationary. Switching them up with rotating seats adds visual interest and diverges from what your guests would normally expect. As for bar stools, you don’t have to settle for the boring swivel stool you can find in big-box furniture stores. At Revolve Furnishings, we offer bar stools that are modern, stylish, and functional.
  • As a functional transition from the dining table to your personal tech station - In many new home builds, a small built-in desk area, often referred to as a “tech station”, is included on the main floor typically adjacent to the kitchen or dining room. Instead of introducing another chair to your tech station, add a modern swivel dining chair that can easily be moved to the dining table when needed.

Shop modern swivel chairs in Calgary

Browse our online selection of swivel chairs, including swivel power recliners, an incredible upgrade to your traditional TV chair that is battery-powered and can go anywhere!

Cheema Swivel Dining Chair
Antler Dining Chair
Andres Swivel Dining Armchair
Clark Leather TV Chair
Clif Leather TV Chair
Heath Leather TV Chair

If you’re looking to upgrade your home with modern and sexy furniture that perfectly represents your style, Revolve Furnishings is the top choice for modern furniture in Calgary. Visit our gorgeous showroom at 7070 11 Street SE where you can sit, swivel, and experience the perfect accent chair to complement your space!

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