This Falls Hottest and Coolest Fashion Colours

September 07, 2016

They're everywhere you look: Magazines, Clothing Stores, Make Up, Movies, and TV.
 This year's hottest and coolest fashion colours are True Blue and Ravishing Red. Take your blues anywhere from the lightest Baby Blue to the deepest Indigo and darkest Navy. Reds run the gamut from faded Scarlet to the brightest Christmas Crimson and richest Carmine.

As we consider ourselves a Modern Fashion Store we take our queues from what's happening out there beyond the world of mere furniture. Thanks to our numerous Custom Vendors we can take a plain neutral piece and turn it into the most current new trend. As shown here on the Dirac Sofa Chaise.

If you're not as bold as you'd like to be, accessories are also a fabulous way to keep your space current and fresh. Check out the Arcisi Vases by Natuzzi, exclusive to Revolve Furnishings in Calgary. Adding blues or reds or both to your existing basics will bring the warmth you'll need to get you through our awesome Canadian winters.

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