Top 5 Design Styles Charting Design Trends in 2020

September 14, 2020

1. Modern Interior Design

We need to start by settling the debate- what is the difference between modern and contemporary design?! While there are a number of similarities between the two design styles, there are a few distinct indictors between the two design styles.

Modern design is a design trend distinctly from the mid 20th century whereas contemporary designs are the design trends of right now and they are ever-evolving. One of the things that we love about modern design is its clean, geometric and sleek style.

The reason that this design trend has lasted for so long is because it ditches the design knick-knacks and replaces it with stylish linear décor and bold bright colors. These style components are fashionable and adaptable, meaning they easily evolve when you want to switch a couple things up.

2. Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist design has a lot in common with contemporary design; clean colours, sleek lines and smart finishes define both minimalist and contemporary designs.

What makes minimalist design unique though, is that it is defined by empty space and the use of empty space. It follows a less is more philosophy and is described by essential and functional pieces that often serve multiple purposes; we’re talking hidden storage and murphy beds.

Minimalist design is also usually complemented by subtle and timeless neutral colors and only a few special décor pieces.

3. Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary interior design is always evolving because it is the design definition of our time. Contemporary design refers to anything present in the 21st century design field; it borrow from a variety of design eras and evolves to suit the demands of today.

The definition of contemporary design today is sleek and simple, with accents of stunning details like wall or ceiling moldings, large intricate windows, and open layouts.

Today, contemporary furniture and design is defined by structure; exposed legs, solid materials such as; wood, glass, concrete, marble, and metal, and clean lines that create a welcoming but airy feel. Unique textures are a selling point in contemporary design as they offer a luxurious sensation to the space.

4. Eclectic Interior Design

Eclectic design is a misunderstood interior design trend, as many just see it as messy and thrown together; however, when eclectic interior design is done properly it is a methodical combination of unique piece assembled to create culture, energy and a little bit of design magic in your space.

To do eclectic design well we highly advise sticking to a neutral color palette that is accented by a few definite bright pieces. The trick is balancing color and texture with worldly design to create a space that is worth talking about.

5. Transitional Interior Design

Transitional has taken the design world by storm lately and for many understandable reasons; transitional design is the happy medium of interior design, it takes the new, old, modern, traditional, sleek, sexy, rustic and homey and creates an artistic montage that perfectly suits your home and your needs. It’s the perfect mix of elegance and contemporary design, and it allows your furniture and textiles to do the talking for you.

One of the reasons we absolutely love transitional interior design is that it is accessible; you don’t have to do a full haul renovation to acquire the look you want.

Transitional design combines the look of both feminine and masculine design styles and uses accessories such as throw pillows, art and area rugs to accentuate the design. Want the perfect method for taking your design journey 1 step at a time? Then transitional interior design is for you.

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