Updating an Outdated Home: Our Top 5 Techniques to Spruce Up Your Home

September 21, 2020

Step 1: Start somewhere

Deciding where and how you want to go about redesigning and renovating your home can be one of the biggest and scariest adventures to take on. If we give you any advice on your Reno’s today, it would be to dive in head first.

You won’t know until you start. Whether you you have your eye on doing the whole kitchen or a powder room, knowing where, when, and what you want to start with is integral.

Step 2: Do your research

Looking for something fun to do this weekend to inspire your restoration? Go and visit some show homes. Visiting show homes in and around your community or city are an excellent way to see the new on trend styles and spark some inspiration for your own restoration.

Bring a notebook or take some notes on your phone about the small details and the big features. Show homes are one of the best ways to see contemporary designs in a home environment, in real time.

Step 3: Choose pieces and colors that bring you joy

Your home, your oasis, your escape- when you come home at the end of the day after a long stressful work day, you want to be in an environment that brings you joy. When you begin your shopping endeavour, take your time and seek out pieces of furniture and décor that bring you genuine joy.

Colors, shapes and textures all play important roles in the synergetic environment of your home. All your life you have been told not to settle- same thing applies here; find EXACTLY what speaks to you.

Step 4: Take it one step at a time

The horses are off and the race has begun but before you decide to take on your whole project all at the same time, we would like to encourage you take it one step/ one room at time. Your wallet, your time and your brain will thank you for taking a linear approach to your Reno.

Step 5: Forget about matchy, matchy

It can be easy to get wrapped up in making everything match and come together in your home improvement; however, in order to add character and charm to your home we would actually highly encourage that you find pieces that complement each other but don’t necessarily match each other.

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