Upholstered Furniture - What You Need To Know

May 17, 2019

Who remembers growing up and not being allowed in that one room in your home or relatives home because the furniture was off limits?

This room was strictly for decoration because of the luxuriously upholstered couch and Persian carpet. Look but do not touch!

Up until a few years ago, I thought this was just a me thing, but the more I converse and scroll the internet, I learn that I am not alone in this.

But now, we are in a different day and age, our furniture is beautiful, built to last and more importantly, you're allowed to use it.

Today, we are talking furniture upholstery, that gorgeous material that brings a room together and keeps everyone comfortable. We are here to teach you about what looks good and what lasts, so you can find the perfect couch, stools or dining room chairs for your home.

Share key elements with your furniture sales representative

A big mistake that people can make when furniture shopping is not considering how the fabric or leather of the furniture will wear over time. Unless you are keeping your furniture in a dark untouched room, it is bound to wear a bit. But the question here is at what rate and what cost?

Before you start shopping consider the sunlight in the room, who frequents it and how often. All these elements should be stressed to your sales representative when you first start shopping.

For those with kids, pets, and highly trafficked rooms we have three material suggestions: faux suede, leather and/or fabric slipcover furniture. The first two don’t need a lot of explaining, they are durable and easy to clean, especially if you are opting for our top grade.

But a slipcover, really?!

Slipcovers are not made the way they used to be. They’re chic and fitted right to your furniture now, to the point where your guests will not notice that the upholstery can come right off.

We love this option because it can be washed in the washing machine and hung to dry, keeping your furniture looking as good as new.

If you don’t want to opt for an entirely slipcovered sofa or chair, many pieces come with removable back and seat coverings as another option.

For those with slightly less trafficked rooms, your options are endless. Crushed velvet, satin finish or even linen can add extreme luxury to your special room.

While these materials are durable, they do need special care when cleaning. This is why we don’t always recommend them for highly trafficked rooms or rooms you intend on drinking red wine in.

Our website and showrooms are fully equipped with almost all of our fabric and leather furniture options. But if you can't quite find what you need or you want something personalized, we can custom make a piece just for you. You pick your wood, leather and/or fabric and have the freedom to mix and match your pieces at your leisure. Just speak to one of our interior decorators, they're here to help.

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