What Are The Main Benefits Of Bean Bags?

May 10, 2019

If you have found yourself shopping in our stores or online, you will have noticed that we have a large collection of bean bags. Now, this might seem a bit peculiar for a top quality furniture store but trust us, they have a purpose. As an extreme comfort option that adds some cheer to any room, bean bag chairs are making a comeback in today’s interior designs.

But guess what? Bean bags aren’t just all fun and games, in fact, they actually have a lot of health and environmental benefits.

Bean-bag chairs can help alleviate neck, shoulder and back pain

Did you know, the beanbag chair provides a constant and consistent level of support to the body’s natural curves, which helps ease pain and reduce bodily discomfort?

The natural curves of the bean bag are a spectacular option for those with back or neck pain and offer much better support than other furniture options. Additionally, the relaxation that comes from lounging in a bean-bag chair can help alleviate neck, shoulder and back tension or pain.

When your body is in a state of relaxation, you’re also less likely to suffer from other ailments such as headaches and/or joint aches. These comfortable, body engulfing, pillows of joy aren’t just for at home either, they can be a great addition to your office desk, assisting you in postural support.

Another benefit of the bean bag chair is that most chairs are made from and/or filled with upcycled materials such as recycled memory foam or 100% recyclable polystyrene beads.

Want a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint? The bean-bag chair is your answer.

Below we have included some of our stores favourite bean bag chairs for you to browse at your leisure. Have questions about our products? Do not hesitate to use our online live chat feature or give us a call today.


For an added dose of comfort, you can lean way back with the Luxe! Let us introduce you to the comfier and infinitely more laid-back version of your typical lounge chair. Call it our lounge beanbag if you will, the Luxe is shaped like a pyramid with beads distributed heavily at the top to give optimal back support.

While it’s made entirely of canvas, the rope handle adds a touch of fashionable flair to this otherwise sturdy fabric. This low-seating high-quality beanbag is built to last, so feel free to drag it and lug it around from one spot to another. Sit back, lie flat and stretch your legs on the Luxe!


Revel in the comfort of a beanbag that can lie flat or sit upright! The XL takes casual comfort to a new level, as its malleable structure can be played around with to your liking while its rich PVC material ensures durability. As it can be transformed as a seat, hammock or bed, the XL can be likened to a sturdy and multipurpose sleeping mat. You can use the XL both indoors and outdoors!


Better than a stool and more dynamic than a sofa, the Sipi combines the utility and comfort of each. Its malleable structure allows you to play around with it to position its shape to your liking. The added feature of a top handle gives you the convenience of moving this Pear effortlessly from one room to another. Rearrange your furniture at your will with our famous Sipi.

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