What Calgary Furniture Stores?

November 21, 2018

Calgary Furniture Stores

Furniture shopping can be a daunting task; with seemingly unlimited options it can be really challenging to know where to start when it comes to shopping for your new furniture.

Calgary has an incredible array of furniture stores, with limitless options that will suit your style and budget. At Revolve Furnishings Calgary we do our best to stay on top of the ever-changing furniture trends, continually researching what will be usable, functional and stylish for our buyers; we source items to suit all needs and budgets.

Our furniture is unique, contemporary and functional.


Rustic furniture brings comfort, warmth and a sense of 'cosiness' into your home. Typically, rustic furniture is made from natural material such as wood, furs, natural fabrics etc. Rustic furnishing combines unique tones and textures to bring a very homey and comforting atmosphere into your space.

Rustic furniture currently, is very trendy in Calgary and we have many rustic options at Revolve. Check out our wide variety of unique and personal rustic furniture options on our website.


Modern means clean lines, minimalistic features, unique shapes, and cool angles. At Revolve Furnishings we have an incredible array of unique modern furniture pieces such as tables, chests, beds, benches, chairs, art and more.

Modern furniture can really speak to your own personal style and bring a refreshing appearance into your home. With a variety of styles and materials, modern furniture can consist of a variety of materials, including steel, metal, vinyl, leather, copper, chrome, plastic and more.

Stop into our Calgary showroom and one of our sales representatives will be happy to show you some of our exclusive modern pieces.


Traditional furniture is timeless, graceful and functional. Traditional furniture items often have unique elements such as carving or ornate embellishments on the furniture and tend to be made of traditional materials such as quality timber. Think clean lines with soft edges, solid colours and distinctive features when looking for traditional furniture options for your home.


Retro and vintage furniture takes design elements that were popular during specific time eras and modernizes them to suit modern day style. Retro can have varying definitions, some will even put it in the same category as antique and vintage, but what really defines retro style is its distinctive and quirky attributes that add modern and original elements to your home design. Think bold patterns and colours, and don’t be afraid to opt for the quirky piece that will bring life into your space. Revolve furnishings has a variety of retro and vintage furniture options in our Calgary Furniture Stores, come check us out!


Contemporary furniture is what is popular today and is what we are known for, it incorporates and involves a wide variety of styles and ideas to define what we generally see as trendy today. Contemporary design has a minimalist aesthetic; sleek, sophisticated and open concept. Generally, the materials that define contemporary furniture are wood, chrome, brass, brushed nickel, marble, granite and concrete.

If you would like any help with choosing the right furniture piece or furnishings, please come by, we have several interior designers to help you decide.

See You Soon!

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