What is a Pop Up Shop?

July 18, 2017 1 Comment

 A Pop Up Shop, flash retailing or guerrilla marketing is cool and growing trend that allows retailers to show off their best merchandise in a temporary setting outside their main location.

Think: vacant lot, empty ship, or the more common, vacant store front or mall space.

The trend started in Los Angeles and includes such installations as the Game of Thrones container pop up. It quickly spread to New York with creative venues like the Target pop up in a 220 ft ship on the Hudson River and even to London with the London Fashion Bus!

Now there are whole markets and events dedicated to the Pop Up culture.


And why do we need them, you may ask?

Well, everyone likes a bit of theatre. A Pop Up Shop creates a new and exciting retail experience not only for the retailer, but for the venue. In areas where retail is on the decline, a pop up shop can infuse some energy back into the neighborhood by creating an almost festival-like art installation vibe. Because the Pop Up Shops are temporary, the environment is always changing. Very Cool.  

And as a retailer, who wouldn't want an inexpensive interactive display in an alternate space to show off their trendiest product to a new audience. Win. Win.

And as a consumer, who doesn't like having the newest and coolest of any given retailer pop up in front of them for quick consumption. Yes, please. 

But wait! There's more! A Pop Up Shop is just a taste what's available. At your leisure you can visit the retailer's main location and experience everything they have to offer. In that way a Pop Up is like an appetizer. Like what you see and then go for the main course.

And speaking of which, Pop Up culture has spread to other genres as well such as Pop Up Restaurants and Cafes with a sit-down gourmet aesthetic and the element of surprise.

Come visit our little jewel of a Pop Up Shop at Southgate Centre in Edmonton where we've dressed up the space like a chic urban condo with all of our faves an lots of bling! And for a short time only time only enter to win a $250 Gift Card!


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