What Makes A Furniture Store ‘Modern’?

August 03, 2022

Do a quick Internet search of ‘modern home furnishings’, and you’ll find plenty of images of furniture with minimalist designs, clean lines, neutral colours or vivid hues, and materials that incorporate wood and metals.

Modern furniture certainly draws inspiration from what’s currently trending. With that said, retro and mid-century looks are also considered in style as past styles cycle through and become trendy again. With the ever-evolving types of modern furniture out there, what then makes a furniture store ‘modern’?

Modern Furniture Store in Calgary

When you walk into a modern furniture store in Calgary, the overall experience combined with the beauty of modern furniture makes all the difference. Here’s what sets a modern furniture store apart from the rest.

  1. Less salesy, more service

You’ve seen it in movies, and perhaps you’ve experienced it yourself - the sleazy salesman in furniture stores of years past who will do anything to sell the high-priced pieces without actually getting to know what you’re looking for. They try to convince you that it’s the ‘must-have’ piece of the season and that it won’t last long, all to try to get you to buy it right away.

Modern furniture stores like Revolve Furnishings are the complete opposite of this. You’ll be greeted by friendly personnel who will take the time to get to know the type of design and style you like. There are professional designers available who will work with you and give you expert advice on how to achieve the aesthetic you want.

Keep in mind, however, that not all modern furniture stores operate the same. The one you choose can make or break your entire furniture-shopping experience. At Revolve Furnishings, we focus on serving our customers. We truly believe that the space you live and work in is a significant part of your day and your life, and it’s important to design and furnish it in a way that brings out that joy.

We treat the process of furniture shopping as a whole experience. Good modern furniture stores will take the time to guide you on how to match different pieces, how to create a certain look, using different elements and materials to pull the room together, different types of lighting, rugs, art, and more. Modern furniture stores are less salesy and focus more on helping you build a curated space.

  2. An inviting and open space

If you’ve stepped inside a big box furniture store, many of them are either dark and dingy or feel like you’ve just entered a silent warehouse with unflattering lighting. With these types of furniture stores, shopping can feel more like a chore than an exciting experience.

What makes a furniture store modern is the inviting space you walk into with intentional examples of furniture placement and decor. Walking through a furniture store should excite you and get your creative juices flowing. The service is warm and friendly, there are interesting and ‘out of the ordinary’ pieces that make you stop in your tracks, and you can picture exactly how they will look in your own home.

  3. Beautiful and unique furniture

Last but certainly not least, modern furniture stores have beautiful and unique furniture that inspires you because it’s a work of art. The sofa is not just a place to sit but is a stylishly-designed item. A beautiful, plush rug becomes a conversation piece. The art magically pulls elements and colours of the room together. A simple table or bookcase somehow brings a rustic, industrial, or cozy feel - depending on exactly how you want the room to look.

Modern furniture stores have a finger on the pulse of the latest furniture trends and cater to the homeowner who is creative and truly cares about the space they live and work in. Your home’s furniture and aesthetics are an extension of your taste, your lifestyle, and something that you can be proud to display.

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