What you need to know about choosing the right sofa for your living room

November 25, 2020

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the living room is the lungs. It’s where we breathe, unwind, lounge, watch movies with our family, host games nights, and relax.

The sofa is often the focal point of a living space and the hardest working piece of furniture in the room. Choosing the right one is an important decision that can be overwhelming with the endless options of modern sofas available.

Before you visit your local Calgary sofa store, use the following tips as a guide to help you find the right sofa for your space.

Measure the space and decide how the sofa will be oriented

First and foremost, assess the space that you’re working with. Decide where you want the sofa to live, how it will be oriented, and take measurements of the area. You can take it one step further and draw a floor plan to visualize where people will walk, where the doors and windows are, and where other furniture pieces will be.

If this seems too daunting for you? No problem, bring along your blue prints from your builder or simply just bring your measurements. Qualified Interior Designer and Decorator from your local home furnishings store will help you take care of the headache. Ask for in-home consultation if you just want a more personalized design of your space.

For an open-concept home, an L-shaped modern sofa separates the area from the kitchen or dining room and creates visual appeal. For smaller spaces, opt for a love seat or a small sectional to ensure there is enough room to move.

Designers and Decorators are skilled to help you select and create the look you are looking for.

Plan for durability and functionality

Calgary modern sofa stores offer plenty of beautiful sofa designs, from leather sectionals to upholstered tuxedo, velvet camelback style and cozy Lawson. If you have young children and pets, a white or velvet couch may not be the ideal choice.

The right modern sofa for your home is one that will bring you functionality and last for years to come. Durable materials, like a stainless steel frame with material that is easy to maintain and gives you that bold modern look for your space.

Choose a design that complements your lifestyle

Do you love hosting games nights? Do you use the space mainly to wind down in front of the TV? Do your children use the living room to play in? The right sofa is one that reflects your lifestyle.

If you like sleek and modern designs, opt for a couch with clean lines and neutral colours. If you love the rustic feel, a modern upholstered couch with different fabric options can be perfect for your space and look that you are looking for.

Your home is an expression of your personality and style. When you walk into a home furnishing store and see the array of choices, go with your gut instinct. The type of couch that matches your personal style will often stand out to you naturally, regardless of how it’s presented in a showroom.

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