Why is a sexy sofa is like a sexy car?

November 14, 2016

It's all about refinement.

When I first started as Marketing Coordinator at revolve furnishings I didn't have a clue about leather. I had a chic off white mid-century leather sofa at home, but all I knew was: 

Don't sit on it with a pen in your pocket.

Don't sit on it in new blue jeans

And clean it with special conditioning cleaner. A lot.

But that was more about the off white than the leather.

I asked lots of questions, but was still confused. If leather costs a lot of money, shouldn't it last longer. The higher the grade, the higher the cost, the longer it wears. Right? Wrong. 

As Jeff Stoner, our resident expert on all things furniture, explained it to me: "It's all about refinement." You love your high end sports car because it hugs the road, goes real fast, and handles beautifully. But you wouldn't take it off-roading. Same goes for leather. You love the soft, smooth feel of your high grade leather couch, but you wouldn't eat your dinner on it.

The more refined the leather the more care it takes.

Now, I get it!

Check out the Suzuki Sofa pictured above. And thanks to Davis Chevrolet in Airdrie for the awesome Corvette pics from their showroom. Click Here to find out tons more about leather.

by Leslie Enns

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