Calgary Delivery Questions


We offer set up delivery to our customers within the city of Calgary and surrounding areas. Our setup delivery service includes bringing all items and boxes into your home, unpacking and assembling your goods and placing them in your desired room. 

We offer two types of delivery options – drop-off delivery and set up delivery.

Drop-off delivery is $99 and set up delivery is $149 for Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Chestermere and Okotoks.


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Frequently asked questions about set up delivery service within Calgary:

Why do you do daytime deliveries?
Isn’t it nice to take some time off from your busy workday to wait for your furniture delivery? To tell you the truth – furniture deliveries are strenuous. We hire the best delivery guys and they do an excellent job. They also tend to physically perform the best during regular working hours. Plus, when we have great staff we like to do what we can to keep them happy – and our delivery guys are just like most adults, they like to spend their evenings and weekends with their family!

Who does your deliveries in Calgary?
We do. Revolve has an in-house team that does our deliveries in Calgary. 

What does your delivery service include?
Our delivery service includes furniture unpacking, setup and garbage removal.  

Why don’t you attach anything to my walls?
Because while we are excellent at deliveries and setup, we are not very good at fixing holes in the wall. 

What do I do if I receive damaged furniture?
Try not to cry! Seriously, we want you to be able to brag about your furniture and the experience you have had with us. Obviously damaged furniture is not going to cut it.  Make a note of any damage on your delivery slip and we will call to follow-up within the next few days. You can also call the head office or warehouse during your delivery to report the damage and we will talk you through the process.

Do you remove my old furniture?
Nope. Our garbage can is only slightly bigger than the one you have at home!

Am I allowed to tip the delivery crew?
Sure, if you feel inspired to tip them then, by all means, go ahead. Our delivery guys don’t expect tips though, so don’t feel obligated.

Why can’t you be more specific on the delivery time?
To be honest, we don’t want to make promises we can’t keep. By giving you a window of time for your delivery, we’re giving our delivery guys the flexibility to deliver in the most efficient way as they factor in traffic, weather and the number of appointments on your delivery day. For your convenience, we will call you a half hour before our arrival to minimize the amount of time that you’re waiting by your front door.

What do I do if I have to cancel my delivery?
Please call us 48 hours prior to your delivery day so that we can save our warehouse staff the task of organizing your furniture. The sooner you call to cancel, the sooner we can rebook you.

What will you do for me if your guys are late?
Chocolate? Ha, no. Obviously we will do our best to make amends for the inconvenience, but we hope you understand that there are always controlled and uncontrolled factors affecting our delivery times. We do our best to anticipate the uncontrolled factors, but delays – such as traffic accidents – will happen. We hope that you will work with us, not against us, in the event that we are running late. Our delivery guys will make sure that you receive your goods on your delivery day – and they’ll do this knowing that it means they’ll be getting home late to their own families.

What if the furniture does not fit into the room?
Then it’s going to look pretty weird. This is why we hope that you know your space and require you to take measurements prior to purchase and delivery. As your design consultant will discuss with you (and as outlined on the back of your invoice), we require that you have measured your space, including your elevators, prior to delivery. This helps to avoid inconveniences for both you and our delivery team. If you haven’t made your purchases yet, it’s a good idea to check out our pre-shopping checklist for valuable tips. [link to pre-shopping checklist]

What if I don’t like the furniture once it is delivered?
If you are unsure of how the furniture will look in your house, please discuss this with your design consultant prior to your purchase. There are many ways to avoid the issue of ill-fitting furniture. One way is to take pictures of the room for your design consultant. This will enable you to take advantage of expert advice and help you plan pieces that will perfectly complement your home. Our pre-shopping checklist will give you more ideas to help you prevent this issue. If problems arise when the furniture is delivered to your home, please call our head office immediately to discuss options. We charge per delivery, so keep in mind that you won’t get your delivery fee back.

What happens if your delivery guys damage my property?
We are extremely confident in the service that our delivery guys provide – but let’s face it, they’re human and accidents might happen. In the event that we scratch a wall or damage your property in some way, we will take care of the repair.  Please note the damage at the time of the delivery on the delivery ticket. 

Will your delivery guys take off their shoes?
Our delivery staff respects the sensitivity of your floors and as much as possible they will courteously remove their shoes. In rare circumstances, such as in instances of smooth slippery floors and the delivery of large furniture pieces, our delivery personnel is required by safety regulations to wear shoes.

What's the difference between delivery and shipping?

Delivery is what we do locally within Calgary and the surrounding area as outlined above.

Shipping is how we get our product out to online customers in areas outside the Delivery Zone. Way outside. Like Saskatchewan and BC. Or Edmonton. We ship from our warehouse to the Freight Depot nearest their home.

This Drop-off service requires that they provide their own transportation, loading, ropes, etc.from the depot to their home and does not include assembly. They are required to sign an out-of-town delivery waiver form which we can send via fax or e-mail.

Also note that these rates are approximate and delivery charges will vary depending on your location. At the time of your purchase, our delivery coordinator will be able to confirm your shipping costs.