Christian Mesina, Senior Interior Designer, IDMB

"Happiness is not by chance, but by choice⁠. enhance your happiness by choosing beautiful and functional furniture for your home.”

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Introducing Christian Mesina, a distinguished member of the Revolve Furnishings design team, where modern aesthetics meet functionality to create spaces that look beautiful and serve the needs of those who inhabit them. Armed with a Diploma of Interior Decorating from Bow Valley College in Calgary and an extensive background in design and engineering from abroad, Christian brings a unique perspective to every project.

Christian’s approach to design is rooted in the belief that the spaces we occupy greatly influence our well-being and happiness. By combining practical functionality with aesthetic appeal, he works closely with clients to transform their living environments into personal sanctuaries that reflect their individual tastes and lifestyles.

A Unique Eye for Design

Christian's international experience in design and engineering has equipped him with a keen eye for detail and a profound understanding of the technical aspects of design. This unique combination allows him to see beyond the surface, ensuring that every aspect of a project is both beautiful and optimally functional.

Tailor-Made Spaces

Understanding that every client is unique, Christian is committed to creating tailor-made spaces that reflect individual preferences and personalities. Discuss your style aspirations with Christian; together, you can make your design dreams a reality. Whether you are starting from scratch or seeking to refresh an existing space, Christian's expertise will guide you to a solution that is truly yours.

Here are some awesome examples of what Christian can do for your home:

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Christian Mesina is more than just a designer; he's a visionary who can help you create a space that you can truly be proud of. His dedication to enhancing happiness through design is what sets him apart, making him the perfect partner for your next project.