Sheila M.

June 14, 2015 1 Comment

I was overall happy with my shopping experience with Revolve Furniture. I got the very sectional I was looking for without having to break the bank. I would definitely recommend a visit to Revolve Furniture if you are looking for unique pieces of furniture.

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October 12, 2015

Another sofa remorse sffreuer here. We bought our rust colored sofa 5 years ago, specifically to match our red-toned golden retriever who had basically ruined our old yellow sofa. Now we have a two year old and all the crayon/sippy cup/play doh accidents that entails. I can in no way justify getting rid of a sofa that excels so wonderfully at taking all manner of abuse without letting on and replacing it with the gorgeous tufted royal blue velvet one that I REALLY want, for a variety of reasons ; )So Thanks for this post!Pillows. Pillows is where I shall start. The toddler can have the old (hideous) (fringed in a very supposed-to-be-modern-but-just-looks-dumb way) (square and flat) (7 different shades of rust) ones to play with and I will make new ones that I love.Pillows.And then. Possibly. Paint. But that may test the no divorce policy

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