4 reasons to consider a unique and contemporary bedroom design

December 13, 2021

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a space that feels good and feels right. Nonetheless, sometimes designing or redesigning a bedroom space can be challenging or harder than it looks.

When it comes to bedroom design, there are a few important and key factors to consider. The first is that the bed has to be the focal point, there is no other way around it. As (by far) the largest and most important piece of furniture in the room, the bed needs to be the right size, look good, and feel good. Secondly, the space should have a calming and uncluttered demeanour, as it serves as a place for you primarily to rest, rejuvenate, and sleep. Clutter doesn’t work in the bedroom.

Luckily, our team of design experts has curated this quick and easy list to follow and help guide you as you consider new pieces of unique and contemporary bedroom furniture for the perfect modern design.

1. Keep it clean

Start with the bed and then move to the storage. Storage is a must for the bedroom because it prevents clothing and nick-nacks from getting piled up where they don’t belong. One of the hacks we love to keep a clean and organized bedroom is opting for a cabinet bed. With built-in storage, this piece of furniture serves multiple purposes and will keep your room looking tidy and fresh. Browse our cabinet beds in Calgary.

2. Keep it easy to move around

A spread-out floor plan with room to move around is ideal for a bedroom. When planning your design, take measurements and then consult with a designer to ensure your pieces are the “just right” fit for your space. If the furniture is too big your room will feel overcrowded, too small and it will look sparse. Just the right furniture will ensure the room is easy to move around and everything serves the purpose it is intended to.

3. Increase lighting, natural and unnatural if possible

Lighting in the bedroom?! Isn’t it supposed to be dark so you can sleep? Nope, that’s a myth. Our designers encourage clients to have multiple lighting sources in the bedroom. Ideally, you have a gorgeous window that lets in a lot of natural light but if you don’t, we can find solutions around that to make it feel bright and sparkly with beautiful fixtures. A natural window, paired with some overhead lighting, lamps, and maybe even a chandelier, will allow you to set your lighting for whatever mood you’re in.

4. Reserve time to find what you love

When you are redecorating or redesigning your bedroom, you shouldn’t feel obligated to find everything you need on a short timeline. We always suggest starting with the big stuff and then taking your time to add the details as you find the perfect decor over time.

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