5 Creative Furniture Ideas for a Modern Dining Room

December 04, 2020

Did you know that the first dining room in America can be traced back to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello in 1772? It was a feature incorporated into wealthy homes that eventually made its way to the middle class.

A formal dining room is often seen as a traditional space for fancy events. Today’s dining spaces are more approachable and can be freshened up with these creative modern dining room furniture ideas:

1. Add contrast

The streamlined feel of a modern dining space maintains a fresh, clean look. When you choose simple dining room furniture, adding contrasting pieces creates visual interest, warmth, and charm. For example, opt for contrasting black chairs to pair with a neutral wood table. We recommend choosing pieces that don’t necessarily match but complement the room.

2. Mix textures

Mixing textures is a great way to add character and liven up a dining space. For a sleek contemporary look, pair a wood table with metal chairs or a glass table with velvet chairs. Don’t be afraid to experiment with soft textures incorporated with stark gold and brass accents. You want to create a cohesive design while mixing materials, colours, and patterns.

3. Choose live edge pieces

Live edge is a style of furniture that incorporates the natural edge of the wood into the design. The edges of the tree are left untouched to preserve its beauty. Some designers leave the cracks in the wood for added character.

Live edge furniture pieces are gaining in popularity, and for good reason - it pulls in the beauty of nature, boosts visual appeal with organic textures, and adds warmth to a contemporary space. With a live edge piece, you have a one-of-a-kind design that instantly brings depth.

4. Opt for a glass table

A glass dining table is elegant, modern, and gives more light and breath to a space. Glass pairs well with modern accents like gold or brass. To avoid creating a stark and cold feel, pair a glass table with accent chairs and a patterned rug.

5. Add a pop of colour

Modern dining room furniture is often comprised of sleek angles, stark lines, and minimalistic designs, which can make a room feel unwelcoming. Adding a pop of colour that complements your furniture, such as a large piece of art and accent pieces, creates a warm, inviting, and cozy look while maintaining a contemporary feel.

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