Transition Your Unique Furniture Design Style Outdoors

September 07, 2012


For the majority of homeowners, when they hear the term “interior design” they take the term literally and only focus on creating a design scheme for the inside of their homes. What many homeowners don’t realize though, is that transitioning your interior design style to your outdoor living space is actually quite simple to do. The growing trend with homeowners is that backyards are now the “it” place for entertaining guests and relaxing at home during the summer months.

An article on the explains to its readers how they can successfully bring their interior design strategies to their backyards. While the article does state that outdoor living spaces tend to have simpler designs than indoors, it goes on to say that outdoor spaces “benefit greatly if given the same disciplined approach typically used for interior remodeling.” Consider creating something like a “mood board” of photographs, fabric, paint colour swatches, and other material samples that you may use in your designs. Another important aspect when designing your outdoor space is to consider the terrain of your backyard. “Terrain conditions and slope, prevailing winds, sun and shade issues, privacy, water flow management” are all conditions that should be assessed before moving forward with design implementation.

To read the full article on the, click here.

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