According to Ash: Union Jack

April 28, 2017

With the arrival of our new Bean Bag Collection this week, Ashlee-Ann decided it was time we did a fun set up in the Kids Department. She started with the hippest pieces, of course, which featured the classic Union Jack. And the space just unfurled from there:

#1 Start with the original red, white, and blue: the Union Jack.

#2 Ground it with distressed denim bedding on a white Olympic Bunk Bed.

#3 Add red accessories to taste. We especially like the light up arrows.

And what do you get? A crisp and cheerful room that's cool and comfy for you kids at any age. And an extra bonus, the Olympic Bunk bed has tons of storage inside and out.

Come play in our Kids Area in person at our Calgary and Edmonton Showrooms. Open until 8pm on Weekdays.

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