Ashlee-Ann Johnson C.I.D

~Color affects visual merchandising by attracting people within the first five seconds, which communicates an immediate association or emotion~


Ashlee-Ann is originally from Victoria, British Columbia and has her Diploma in Interior Design along with 5 years’ experience of Visual Merchandising and is currently our Store Merchandiser for both showrooms. She has a great passion for design and creativity. As well as being highly focused and enthusiastic, she has mad skills in colour, balance and composition. She keeps our stores looking fresh, modern and fashion forward. 'Many people would think I get to play all day by fluffing pillows, making beds and making things look pretty. Which I do. But it’s far more in-depth than that. Merchandising an entire showroom requires careful planning and a good eye. I just make it look easy.'   403.255.8372 x811

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