Calgary's top trending modern dining room furniture designs in 2021

November 29, 2021

The dining room, like many of the other rooms in our home, has become a multi-faceted space in 2021. Yes, this space still maintains its usefulness and beauty for entertaining guests and eating delicious meals, but it is so much more than that.

The dining room in 2021 became the place where we played board games, completed puzzles, had virtual cocktail parties, and worked 8hrs a day. We are here to acknowledge and celebrate all that the dining room did for us in 2021 and therefore, we are excited to share our top trending modern dining room trends for 2021.

If you are interested in revamping your dining space for 2022, come visit us for the best service and top-quality Calgary home furnishings.

1) Real, natural wood is back

Sturdy and solid wins the race - or at least, the race of time. We are happy to see that many people are opting for sturdy hardwoods again for their dining tables. Though these pieces come with a bit of a price tag, the integrity and quality of the wood mean it will last a lifetime.

2) Geometric shapes never go out of style

This past year, we saw trends primarily highlighting angular tables and chairs with softer edges. This brilliant contrast of shapes appeals to the eye and offers a unique juxtaposition to your dining space.

3) Add character with stylish modern dining chairs

We are absolutely LOVING some of the modern dining room chair options trending right now. Their unique shapes, colours, textures, sizes etc. almost make them appeal to the eye like a work of art in addition to a “must-have” furniture component. Luckily, we are your one-stop shop for home furnishing in Calgary, so, when it comes to dining room chairs, our extensive variety of options allows you to find the chair that best suits you, your home and your needs.

4) Contrasting colours

Get playful with this amazing trend! 2021 showed us that not everything needs to be “matchy-matchy”, in fact, one of the top design trends for this year was using contrasting colours and materials in your dining room space. Opting for a dark table and light chairs, or vice versa adds character and visual appeal to your space. Adding contrast to your dining space is the perfect way to make the space more intriguing, inviting and artistic for yourself, and your guests and visitors.

5) Multi-purpose designs

Coming in as our number one choice for dining room design trends this year is the multi-purpose space and pieces. We saw many people opting for dining room tables with leafs or a little extra space to accommodate their new work from home or homework stations. Playful furniture that can be moved around and adjusted to serve multiple purposes is the world we live in now. What our Calgary home furnishings can do is offer you a way to do this without compromising style.

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