Get Cozy: 4 Tips to Create a Comfortable Home

October 26, 2022

What better way to start the hibernation season than with cozy furnishing selections specifically curated for your lifestyle? Update your living room and bedroom furniture with the latest modern beds, sofas, lighting fixtures, and accents that are not only beautifully designed but provide the cozy ambience you’re looking for.
                                 Cozy Sofa With Sun Rays - Revolve Furnishings


What makes a space cozy?

A space that evokes a sense of warmth and belonging. A space that welcomes you home and gives you the freedom to relax. Some of the main things to consider in your room that will directly impact the warmth and comfort are the lighting, colours, and accents. Here are some tips for creating a cozy space this fall and winter.

1. Pay attention to your lighting - As the sun begins to set earlier, ensuring you have proper lighting can make a significant impact on your home. Having a variety of lighting fixtures gives you the option to change the mood for a fall movie marathon or entertaining guests. Lamps can act as a decoration piece while also providing a warm glow to your space in the darker evenings.


Lighting Lamps - Revolve Furnishings


2. Warm up your space with colour selections - Colour psychology plays a key role in how we interpret spaces and change their functionality and mood. One of the main things to consider in selecting the colour of your furniture and decor pieces is how they complement your space's finishings. If you love neutrals but want to warm up a space, try bringing in neutral earthy tones like tans, browns, and raw materials like wood.

Comfy Sofa With Chunky Throw Blankets - Revolve Furnishings

3. Add cozy accents - The decorative pieces of your home can tremendously change the appearance of your furniture and room. Comfy accents like chunky throw blankets and plush throw pillows add a textural difference to your room that invites you to lounge around. Accents are essential in creating a cozy space with large leather pieces. Leather tends to be a colder material than fabric, so adding some soft throw cushions and blankets and adding a rug to the room can make it more inviting and relaxing.

Cozy Sofa With Decorative Pieces - Revolve Furnishings

4. Swap your bed frame - Switching your wooden or metal bed frame to a leatherette or fabric material can make a world of difference. It exudes comfort and instantly creates a warm and cozy environment. These brands are made of quality material that you can enjoy for years to come:

Finding inspiration to create a cozy space

Creating a cozy space doesn’t have to be a daunting task when you keep these four ideas in mind. It can be as simple as adding soft textile accents and having an additional mood lighting option. While pictures can give you some great ideas, we recommend visiting a modern furniture store like Revolve Furnishings to spark inspiration and to see in person the pieces that speak to you.

Ensuring that your home reflects the coziness you wish to feel when you walk in the door is the best way to bring your personality into your space.

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