Modern Spring Decor Trends for 2024

May 09, 2024

A fresh new season often inspires us to spruce up our space. Winter’s cold, dark days are ending, and we’re feeling the effects of more sunshine, greenery, and warmer weather. Many of us want to bring the beauty of spring into our homes with bright colours and fun new decor items.

At Revolve Furnishings, a modern furniture store in Calgary, we’re always offering the latest decor trends, and here’s what we see for the spring of 2024.

Trend Highlights for Spring 2024


Spring 2024 sees a surge in curved furniture, drawing inspiration from Scandinavian design. Embrace circular accessories and soft, natural colours to create a soothing, minimalist environment that highlights organic materials.


Indigo will capture the spotlight this season with its rich, deep hues. This versatile colour is ideal for creating a statement through subtle washes or as a standout feature in indoor and outdoor settings.

Unique and Eclectic

This trend celebrates individuality through furniture and decor that tells a story. Incorporate pieces with unique silhouettes or materials that resonate with you, such as tactile fabrics or intricate patterns, to bring a personalized touch to your space.


A staple in interior design, black continues to enrich spaces this spring. Use it sparingly to create striking contrasts and add depth with textures like velvet, leather, or wood.


High-contrast colour pairings will dominate the design scene. To make a powerful statement, experiment with bold combinations like black and white or indigo and grey.

Retro Colours

Colours from the mid-century and 1970s are making a comeback, particularly muted tones and patterns. Use these colours in accents like throw pillows and wall art to inject a nostalgic yet fresh vibe into your decor.

Coastal Textures

This style remains strong with its relaxed, natural aesthetic. Incorporate elements like rattan, jute, and linen in neutral, earthy tones to evoke a sense of calm and coastal simplicity.


While not a new trend, geometrics continue to make their mark. Incorporate them in wall art and area rugs to add a modern and dynamic element to your interiors.

Mixed Metallics

Mix metallics in your decor to break the traditional rules. Opt for darker or matte finishes to keep the look understated yet elegant. Gradients Look for pieces that showcase a gradation of colours, adding rhythm and movement to the decor. Opt for soft, light colours that complement the freshness of spring.

In the Office

As the nature of work evolves, so does the design of office spaces. This spring, focus on pieces that enhance productivity and contribute to your workspace’s aesthetics. Opt for ergonomic designs in office chairs and desks that support well-being and efficiency. Consider integrating modular furniture adapted to various tasks and layouts, promoting a flexible and functional work environment.

Our Favourite Pieces

Chambers Candle Holders (Set of 3)

These curved, matte black candle holders are the perfect addition to your space for spring. They’re eye-catching, dramatic, and beautifully reflect spring 2024 trends.

Fontaine Vase

Introducing our breathtaking Fontaine Ceramic Decorative Vase, Textured Matte Ivory. This timeless piece in textured matte ivory is meticulously crafted to add a superb decorative touch to any space effortlessly.

Patio Round Standing Pot

Made of Ficonstone for durability and longevity, this planter is simple and elegant. Great for space that needs the extra touch

Spring Into Savings at Revolve Furnishings

Our spring sale has officially arrived at Revolve! As the season changes, it’s the perfect time to refresh your space with the latest interior design trends. We’re offering incredible deals on selected floor models and in-stock items, allowing you to enhance your home or office without stretching your budget.

From indigo accents and curved furniture to mixed metallics and high-contrast décor, find your favourite styles at reduced prices. Don’t miss out—these offers are only available while supplies last. Visit our modern furniture store showroom in Calgary today to explore all the possibilities and make your spring refresh a reality.

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