According to Ash: The Happy Accident

August 01, 2017

You know how when you order something online and the colour isn't exactly what you expected. Not an uncommon occurrence these days when you can buy everything from nail polish to a new car from a picture on your screen. Well that even happens to Ashlee-Ann in the revolve showroom. 

When one of our favourite vendors gave us the chance to get a fab deal for our customers on the Isidore Sofa from we jumped at the opportunity sight unseen. The order form said it would appear in Charcoal Fabric with Midnight toss cushions. Dark Grey and Black, right. Nope. Taupey Grey with Navy toss cushions. Surprise!

So Ash had to throw out her original plan and start again. Being the design professional that she is, it was just a new and more interesting challenge. Here's how Plan B turned out way cooler than Plan A. We like to call that 'The Happy Accident':

1) Choose an accent chair, like the Parry, in a dark Blue Grey to tie the upholstery colours together

2) Choose an interesting coffee table like the Gandhari to bring out the warm wood in both pieces and bring out the brown/black undertones of the 'Charcoal' fabric.

3) Ground and add interest to the space with shapely matte black side tables and mesh lamps.

4) Add shiny blue accessories to taste.

You can lounge on the Isidore in person at our Edmonton and Calgary Showrooms. 

Have a similar design dilemma of your own to share? We'd love to hear it!

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