Revolve Rocks Stampede Stars

July 06, 2018

So, when the Cowboys Music Festival approaches you to furnish dressing rooms for very famous musicians at the the Calgary Stampede, what do you say? Yah Hoo! You Betcha.

But, being a modern furniture store, we're not about to do the same cowboy thang that happens all over town at this time of year. Oh no. We want to create a calm classy oasis far away from the hay bales and wagon wheels: a place where a Rock Star like *gratuitous name drop* Steven Tyler might gather himself before a big perfomance.

Our lead designer, Stephanie Bennett, pulled together a collection of warm, modern pieces with a rustic nod to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

Click here to check out the star-studded line-up at the Cowboys Music Festival. We just heard a rumor that *gratuitous name drop #2* Charles Esten walked into his dressing room and said: 'woooooww!"

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