Stephanie Bennett, Senior Interior Designer, B.F.A, DIPL I.D.

"Interior design is planning with an aesthetic sense - creating spaces that are better and right for the people who use them"

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With over 30 years of design experience, Stephanie Bennett has seamlessly combined her creativity and love for interior design to create beautiful spaces that resonate with her clients. She believes that "interior design is planning with an aesthetic sense, creating spaces that are better and right for the people who use them”

Stephanie has been a part of the Revolve Furnishings team for over 15 years, consistently delivering simple yet beautiful solutions tailored to her clients' needs. While her Diploma of Interior Design from Kwantlen University has provided her with industry knowledge, it’s her passion and love for beautiful spaces that have allowed her to build a successful and fulfilling career. 

A Modern Twist on Classic Designs

Stephanie’s signature style is simplicity and elegance, blending elements of modern minimalism, mid century modern, and industrial chic. Growing up & living in Montreal, the Okanagan Valley, Vancouver & finally Calgary, Stephanie’s designs are influenced by the beautifully rugged Canadian landscape & diverse culture.

Stephanie draws inspiration from various sources, but most especially from innovative and creative Canadian artists, architects and interior designers that continuously evolve her design philosophy:

  • Frank Gehry’s ribbon folds of cardboard Wiggle Side Chair.
  • Bridgitte Shim & Howard Sutcliffe’s Integral House in Toronto.
  • Canadian American architect Witold Rybczynski book: Home: A Short History of an Idea.
  • Sculptures by Haida artist Bill Reid 
  • Photographer & artist Jeff Wall’s large scale, transparent back lit images.

Combining Interior Design Excellence With Strong Client Relationships

Stephanie Bennett is a versatile figure at Revolve Furnishings, excelling in Interior Decoration and Home Staging. She has a knack for building strong client relationships, ensuring a deep understanding of their desires and needs. She also shares her expertise through educational workshops, inspiring others to explore their creative potential in design. Her impact in the field is a blend of artistic talent, interpersonal skills, and a commitment to nurturing future design enthusiasts.

Stephanie keeps a finger on the pulse of the latest home trends and discussions in the interior design field. Her favourite topics include:

  • Organic Modern Design
  • Mid Century Modern still reigns by being just simple, beautiful & functional
  • The Golden Ratio in Interior Design

When she's not designing or teaching, Stephanie loves travelling with friends and family. Experiencing other cultures, discovering exotic locations or simply exploring our beautiful country in their lovingly renovated 1975 Wickies RV; these passions not only offer her a creative outlet but also inspire her design projects.


"I love working with Stephanie Bennett, who is an expert at providing the best shopping experience! Her knowledge of interior design adds to a fun and easy selection of the right furniture pieces."


"I have dealt with revolve furnishings for years. I worked there with a Designer Stephanie Bennett who knows the store and the products better then anyone. She is a truly talented designer who not only can assist you with furniture purchases but designing your space! She has always been there to help me and the clients I send her way. "

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