Stay motivated with these 4 home office decor ideas

April 08, 2021

Working from home can certainly have its perks - no commute in traffic, the option of staying in comfy sweats all day, and having a little more flexibility in your schedule. But, working from home does have its downsides. You may have started doing laundry instead of tackling that report. Or you have days feeling isolated and need that face-to-face interaction with coworkers. Or days when you feel unmotivated and can’t seem to get anything done.

While we wish we had all of the answers to take on the work-from-home slump, what we can do is offer advice on what we’re really good at - transforming your space with the latest in interior design trends. According to Psychology Tomorrow, the aesthetics of our home impacts our overall well-being. With this in mind, we’ve created this guide to help you create a home office space that will increase motivation, spark creativity, and keep you inspired.


Modern office furniture

1. Create a relaxation zone

When we think of a home office, we typically start the process by choosing modern office furniture. While this step is important - see our blog on tips for choosing the right office furniture - we want to focus more on how to make your office truly your own. If you have the space, reserve a corner or area for a relaxation zone that will help break up your day.

Add a small sofa or a cozy occasional chair where you can consciously move away from work and take a mental break. Pair it with a side table where you can place motivational or inspirational books or items that you find joy in. Adding an area rug further defines the area and helps tie it all together.


2. Use creative lighting

Decorative lamps aren’t reserved only for the living room and bedrooms - choosing creative lighting is another way to personalize your home office space! Create a relaxing ambience with a floor lamp and a desk lamp and take it a step further by switching out your overhead light fixture. The little details can make all the difference!


3. Bring in nature

It’s long been known that natural lighting and working in a place with a direct view of the outdoors can jumpstart our brain and increase our productivity. This article from Harvard Business Review details how employees are more likely to feel drained without natural lighting. If possible, we recommend placing your modern office desk in front of a window or bringing nature in with a potted plant. Adding greenery to your space with a well-designed pot or vase helps freshen up the room with a pop of colour and texture.


4. Keep your workspace uncluttered

Did you know that clutter can trigger anxiety and decrease productivity? Paperwork, pens, notebooks, writing pads, and other office supplies from day-to-day tasks can quickly add up and clutter your workspace. To help minimize clutter, we recommend placing a modern bookshelf or floating shelves where you can strategically place decorative items while storing some office supplies.

An accessorized bookshelf is also an opportunity to rejuvenate your home office workspace with bold artwork and contrasting elements. For example, place a metal or brass vase beside light-coloured books or keep your accessories monotone against a colourful piece of artwork.

When it comes to personalizing your home office to fit your style, the options are endless! Whether you’re working with limited space or you have a large room to fill, we can help. Bring your pictures to our furniture store in Calgary where our interior designers and decorators can give you expert recommendations to beautify your home.

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