Summer 2022 Design Trends You'll Love

June 25, 2022

Are you looking for some ideas to refresh your home this summer? No matter if you’re doing a redecoration or complete redesign of your space, we’ve got lots of stylish options for you to bring comfort and interest to your space!

Here's our list of some items that have not only been popular this year, but will continue to be an essential addition to your home this summer.



No, really - large cushioned sofas are not only practical for various uses, but they are also comfortable and modern. While remaining a popular choice this year, oversized sofas will remain a lasting staple to your home this summer and for years to come. Whether it's for a home theater, a reading corner, or a lounge area, large couches offer multi-functionality with their size and comfort. Many of our oversized sofas offer multiple configurations due to their modular build - allowing endless styling and functional possibilities.  Large cream coloured modular sofa mood board with beige cross patterned rug and tan leather ottomans

A great feature of oversized sofas is the down filled cushions; which give the seat more bounce and life. We love the lived-in, cozy look of these cushions and you’ll want to sink right into them. Cuddling up for a movie or staying in on a rainy summer day has never been comfier. And of course, the best feature yet is the various fabric choices that can be custom ordered.



Bulky coffee tables are the statement piece that transcend style trends. The main key in picking a coffee table is choosing the material and shape best for your room. Bulky coffee tables don't always have to be large in size because the material of the table can also give it a more substantial look. 

Choosing raw materials like live edge wood, concrete and stone give an organic feel to the room that provides a bold visual anchor to the space. Oversized metal coffee tables- while hollow and lightweight- still give a heaviness to a room that helps bring your furniture together and center it around a focal point.

Tree root coffee table base with glass top in a white room with white furniture
This innovative fabric has been taking over 2022! Boucle’s soft teddy-like texture is smooth and comforting while providing fluffy texture to any piece. From boucle cushions to chairs and sofas, this trend has been going strong and won't be disappearing anytime soon. Boucle’s fabric is versatile for all seasons because this looped polyester yarn won't make you sweat during the warm months and will keep you cozy during winter. 
The best benefit of boucle has to be the visual interest it adds to a space. Try adding a boucle statement piece to your room to add texture while keeping it fresh and modern.
Big textures, big pieces, and big comfort. Go big this summer and refresh your space with some oversized pieces and textures to bring interest to your home. 


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