Ten Tips for that Modern Home Look

October 02, 2018

We often get asked here at revolve furnishings, what our best tips are to modernize the look and feel of one's home. So we thought we would share our thoughts. See below for our top ten tips to get that modern look and feel for the home.
  1. Sharp Modern Furnishings, Soft Modern Accents:

    Modern homes are distinguished by the beautiful, sharp, clean characteristics of their design. When shopping for a modern home we suggest choosing contemporary, clean cut and unique furniture pieces, think straight lines and sharp edges. To accent those clean-cut qualities, opt for soft accents such as plush throw pillows or rounded décor accents.

  2. Timeless Colours:

    The “Modern Home” design concept is often categorized with unique colours, textures and patterns but sometimes it can be challenging to know where to begin with this kind of design concept.

    We encourage our clients at revolve furnishings to begin with what we like to call “timeless colour palettes”. Begin with your neutrals: do you prefer warmer or cooler tones? What shades of these neutrals suit your home design and structure? Apply these palettes to your “core” pieces ie: sofas, dining room table, dresser etc. Then choose accent colours, patterns and textures that complement those neutral tones for your smaller pieces, maybe the textured lamp or patterned dining room table chair.

    Think of colours and textures that not only complement your neutrals but offer a notable “wow” factor to your living space.

  3. Glass, Metal, Stone:

    Chrome, brass, copper, gold, silver, concrete, marble, granite, glass, crystal, marble… we could go on forever. Choose to incorporate a few of these materials into your design and use them for gorgeous stand-out accents in your home. Bring on the bling!

  4. Textures & Patterns:

    Add depth and dimension to your clean lines and sharp edges with some unique patterns and textures that speak to your personality. Don’t be afraid to opt for that rainbow vase. If you love it- go for it!

  5. Less is More:

    Think of clean, tidy, open space. We’ve already stressed the importance of unique pieces but remember one stand out piece will go farther than three mediocre pieces.

  6. Plants:

    Plants bring a liveliness to your home. They can offer colour, serenity and positive energy into various different living spaces and rooms in your home. In addition, certain plants can actually help purify the air in your home. We love incorporating plants into modern design because they will offer a softer element into a more angular space.

  7. Unique Art:

    Think personality and culture, and don’t be afraid to explore your options. Search online for local exhibits and artists, shop around until you find the perfect pieces. We have an amazing selection of modern art for the home, see the collection here.

  8. Bright Accessories:

    Need some “bright ideas” on how to incorporate vivid accessories into your home? We have a couple of ideas for you...
    a. Start with your statement piece, choose one great accessory to base your inspiration off.
    b. Try to find 2-3 décor pieces in your accent colour to tie everything together.
    c. Don’t be afraid to give “traditional” a bold new look with a colour pop facelift.

  9. Rugs:

    When choosing a rug, you want to opt for a design and colour that ties your whole space together. A rug can really make or break a space;  do your research on shape, texture, colours and patterns and pick one that suits your style and fits perfectly with your final design. See a selection of modern rugs here.

  10. Hidden Storage- Create Space!

    You can never have enough storage! Look for coffee tables, ottomans and side tables that have hidden storage. Clutter does not compliment a modern design.  

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