Warmer weather is here! How to spruce up your outdoor furniture

April 09, 2021

There is no better way to spend the spring and summer months than enjoying your outdoor living space in the comfort of your own home. The transition into the warmer months brings about visions of lazy days lounging under the sun, barbecues, cold drinks, and cozying up to a fire during a cool summer night.

If you’re as excited as we are, you’re likely already starting to draw up your plans and visiting Calgary furniture stores to gather inspiration for your outdoor space! Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started.

Outdoor furniture in Calgary

Think of your outdoor space as an extension of your home

The rule of thumb to remember is to treat your patio as part of your home rather than a separate entity. Adding personal touches, like a rug, throw blankets, pillows, lanterns, and greenery makes your outdoor living space feel luxe and cozy. You want it to be as inviting and comfortable as the inside of your home. The more it feels like your style, the likelier you are to use it.


Mix and match materials for character and texture

Some interior design guidelines can be applied when decorating your patio, including choosing different materials, colours, textures, patterns, and furnishings. If you’re going for a more contemporary look with neutral modern furniture, add a pop of colour for character and layer in different textures.

For example, if you choose a stone coffee table (a great option that can handle outdoor elements), choose soft accent chairs or an outdoor sofa for contrast. Another example is to select contrasting colours like a light wood table paired with black dining chairs.


Define your zones

When designing your outdoor living space, you want to separate different zones for eating, relaxing, entertaining, and cooking. If your space is limited, think about what you want to use your area for and prioritize the elements you’ll likely use more.


Use scale to your advantage

A common misconception about scale is the smaller the space, the smaller the furniture and accent items should be. However, fewer, larger items like oversized furniture and big planters can make a small area feel bigger. On the other hand, many small products can make a patio feel sparse and look cluttered.

If you’re unsure how to work the space you have, bring your pictures to our Calgary furniture store, where our professional designers and decorators can help.

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