concrete furniture at revolve furnishings

What is Concrete?

  • It is made from lightened fibrous concrete (less than 2 tonnes per m3) with a reinforced steel frame structure.
  • It is composed of natural materials (cement, sand, water, steel and fibres).
  • It is hand-made and finished.

The pores, microfissures and possible variations in colour are inherent characteristics of the material used and the fact that it is hand-crafted. This is what gives this furniture its unique appearance and all its charm.

The natural finish of concrete is achieved by leaving the concrete surface raw, a penetrating sealer is used that soaks into the concrete surface to repel stains.
Grind and Sealed
The concrete surfaces are ground back either lightly or more heavily to expose the aggregate beneath. They are then sealed with your option of several finishes from full gloss, satin or natural.
Highly Polished
The concrete surface is ground back first, then grouted to fill every pinhole and then polished up with diamond impregnated resin pads. A mirror finish is achieved that is highly resistant to scratching and staining.

Care and Maintenance

The great thing about concrete is that its easy care and low maintenance. It braves the elements and shows very little wear and tear. Simply rinse it down with the garden hose, or wipe it down with soap and water.