Measure It!

Get started by pulling out your measuring tape and take accurate measurements of your space. If you purchase a sofa that is two feet too big, you’re probably not going to move walls to make it fit! Save frustration by planning ahead and making sure that your new furniture will fit easily into your space. Take digital pictures of your space as well, they’ll be extremely helpful to our design staff.

On your furniture's way into your home, it will need to pass through a number of places, which you will need to take into account before your furniture arrives:

  • Will the delivery truck fit down your road and close to your entry way?
  • Will your furniture fit through all the doorways on its way to its new room?
  • Are your hallways and stairs wide enough to move your new furniture through?
  • Are your hallways clear? Is the room your new furniture will live in ready? 


Places in your home to get measurements in preparation for your new furniture

Measurements to take on your stairs and in your hallways

Measurements to take inside of the destination room

Measuring your space

Determine the best route through your home for your new furniture to get it’s final place. Take measurements of all the places your new furniture will pass through:

  • The dimensions of the entryways inside and outside your home
  • The dimensions of the hallways
  • The dimensions of any staircases that will be used (take account of the banister, which reduces the room for furniture passing through)
  • The dimensions and placement of any features on walls such as fireplaces, alcoves, and windows (including the height to the windows)
  • The height of any low hanging lights. 


We will provide you with the dimensions of our pieces. These measurements can also be seen on the furniture’s product page on our website. Some furniture may come to you packed in boxes and requiring assembly, in which case, we can provide you with the measurements of these boxes so we can ensure they’ll reach their final destination. Some other pieces of furniture may have removable feet or bases so they can pass through smaller spaces. Your designer can help you find this information for each piece.


Measurements of furniture pieces