Semyon Voyevode

"I enjoy evoking positive emotions: 'It feels like home, and I cherish it"

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At the heart of Revolve Furnishings' innovative design team, Semyon Voyevode brings a fresh perspective to modern interior design, combining an innate understanding of aesthetic harmony with the practical needs of everyday living. With six years dedicated to transforming spaces, Semyon's approach is rooted in the belief that a home should evoke happiness and express the unique personality of its inhabitants.

My goal as a designer is to guide my clients in selecting the perfect style, colours, and proportions to reflect the emotions they desire to feel within their home." - Semyon Voyevode

Semyon's expertise encompasses a wide range of design philosophies, but his primary focus lies in crafting spaces that are not only visually appealing but also functional and inviting. His approach to design is highly personalized, ensuring that each project is tailored to the individual preferences and lifestyles of his clients.

Design Philosophy

Semyon's design philosophy is simple yet profound: to create spaces that resonate with joy and comfort. He believes in the power of design to transform everyday environments into places of beauty and inspiration. Through his work, Semyon aims to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that each space he designs is a true reflection of the people who inhabit it.

A Commitment to Excellence

Semyon's commitment to his clients goes beyond mere aesthetics. He prides himself on his ability to listen attentively to their needs and preferences, translating their visions into reality. His dedication to excellence is evident in every project he undertakes, always aiming to exceed expectations.

Semyon's Reviews

"I was given space by the sales staff to browse around, and after finding a beautiful storage bed, I received great help and service from Sam to place my custom order. Sam was friendly, knowledgeable and followed up well on some of my concerns."

Erna P
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