According to Ash: The Heart is Where the Home is

May 26, 2017

As promised, here is the next instalment of the Edmonton Plan where we show you how Ashlee-Ann designed Zone #2 of our new 24,000 sq. foot Edmonton Showroom! 

Continuing in the same vein as Zone #1, she worked together with our Lead Designer, Stephanie Bennett and Nick Maio, on the massive  6' x 4' white board floor plan they used to divvy up the store into 6 manageable zones. And again, using the cut-out scale models of each piece of furniture they made a plan of action.

Zone #2 is the the heart of the store. With its 20' ceilings, enormous skylight, and diffused natural light from surrounding zones it's a light and airy space full of possibilities. A huge blank canvas that can make one, well, draw a blank. Here's how Ash filled the void.

#1 Choose pieces that are the heart of our modern furniture collection: in stock, well-priced and finely crafted.

#2  Put it all together in mini-condo style so each grouping makes its own open concept living space.

#3  Choose neutral, grounded palettes to make the space flow and then accessorize with pops of colour.

Come in and experience the plan in reality as executed by Ash, Samantha, our new Edmonton Store Merchandiser, and the whole revolve team. And, it's a big store, stay tuned for the Edmonton Plan Zone #3!

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