Sustainable Wood Furniture: Earth Day - Inspired Home Decor

April 18, 2024

The rise of sustainable and eco-friendly furniture is not a trend - it’s become a standard for many customers and designers to use furniture and home decor with minimal impact on the environment. For Earth Day, we wanted to highlight one of the most natural and renewable materials for furniture - wood!

Not only are natural wood pieces beautiful, but they are also incredibly durable. Only a few chemicals and resources are used in producing furniture sourced from recycled or upcycled wood. Furthermore, wood pieces can be recycled and reused at the end of their use.


Sustainable wood is derived in an environmentally responsible manner and mindful of social impacts. It plays a crucial role in the health and sustainability of forests and the communities reliant on them. This approach aligns with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and is supported by the Paris Agreement, acknowledging the role of forests in climate mitigation.

Advances in tracking the life cycle of wood products contribute to the transition towards low-carbon economies, enhancing the well-being of communities, improving landscapes, and significantly reducing global carbon and material footprints. Choosing sustainable wood is pivotal in conserving forests, vital for biodiversity, fighting deforestation, and climate change. It also supports ethical forestry practices and ensures the fair treatment and economic sustainability of those involved in its production and harvesting.


Many types of wood are produced and forested sustainably, including beech, maple, black cherry, mango, bamboo, ash, teak, and eastern red cedar.


Here are some of our favourite natural wood pieces you can use for an Earth Day-inspired look.


Each Natura Bebas Console Table is a unique work of art and makes for an interesting conversation piece. This live-edge console is built from the natural and beautiful root systems of previously felled Teak trees sourced from sustainably managed forests and plantations. Each table is made from upcycled SVLK Certified Teak and will vary in size and shape. No two Natura Bebas Console Tables are exactly alike! Keep decor simple and minimal to highlight the intricate details of the table.


Made from natural and sustainably sourced materials, this coffee table brings an island-inspired aesthetic to your space. The Abaca fibre base is one of the strongest natural materials, sustainably grown and processed. The top is made from reclaimed Teak wood that shows off its natural and unique patterns. Play up your D-Bodhi Knut coffee table with live plants that will complement its organic vibe. This coffee table doubles as storage space - simply remove the wooden top and store throw pillows and blankets (or whatever you’d like!) inside the base.


The root of upcycled Indonesian Teak trees is transformed into this bold statement piece. This accent table is solid, sturdy and responsibly sourced. Each Natura Bundar Accent Table is a unique masterpiece that will vary in shape and size. We recommend keeping decor to a minimum and letting the beauty, intricate patterns, and character of this table shine alone.


Last but certainly not least is this inviting and gorgeous Arcadia Dining Table. Naturally sourced from Mango wood, you can envision a tropical paradise and the sound of palm trees swaying with the gentle breeze - right in your dining room. The sleek base, curved edged top and smooth finish lend a modern feel to the natural look of the Arcadia table. Pair with black or cream dining chairs and play up the modern look.


Crafted from the finest solid teak, the Natura Round Root Coffee Table is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and environmental responsibility. Utilizing upcycled wood, it embodies a commitment to sustainability without sacrificing style. This bold and dramatic statement piece instantly captivates, boasting a unique timeworn look that exudes character and history. Its versatile and practical design is available in two sizes to suit a range of spaces, making it perfect for the modern condo.


Take a look at some of our naturally sourced pieces for yourself! Visit Revolve Furnishings’ showroom in Calgary at 7070 11 Street SE to feel the pieces, test out furniture, and get inspiration from our curated, modern, unique furniture collection.

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