3 Steps To Follow When Considering Your Home Office Renovation

July 01, 2019

Whether you work from home or use your office periodically for a few hours a week, we know that you have imagined that dreamy home office space. The kind of space that speaks to your style and your comforts, a space just for you. When considering your home office renovation or reconstruction there are a number of steps that we want to help advise you on.

Step 1:

First, we want you to consider the state of your “home office”, is your home office your kitchen table or coffee table? Maybe it’s the desk upstairs tucked in the corner, a common dumping space for your whole family. Without a peaceful and bright workspace that is comfortable, tidy and enjoyable to be in, it is hard to be productive. So, the first step in your home office space reconfiguration is considering the perfect location. We suggest a location near a window or natural light source to keep you energized with a comfortable surrounding. The space can be as big or as small as your home permits, but ensure that the area has enough space and storage for you to work efficiently.

Step 2:

Consider the work that you need to get done in this space?
What will your desk require?
What kind of storage will be necessary?
And how much room do you have? Your workspace should be easily accessible and not overcrowded, practical and functional.

The furniture you pick out will make or break this new office space. At Revolve we have an incredible variety of contemporary, modern, classic and traditional desks all suitable for different workspaces and styles. Find the one that is perfect for you by browsing our wide selection online or by coming into the store or warehouse today.

The furniture will be the skeleton of this project, practical but sophisticated and suitable to your needs. Before you start shopping, make sure that you have measured everything carefully, so you know approximately what you need, numbers are numbers and you will have to stay within specific parameters while shopping. Style is the next step.

Step 3:

There are an incredible variety of options when it comes to jazzing up your working space. Carpets, throw-pillows, lighting, accent walls and plants are just a few of the ideas to start considering.

At Revolve we like to start with a theme; maybe a word or a colour that will spark the creativity. You should enjoy your time in this space, finding it refreshing, enjoyable and comfortable.

Opt for the décor that is practical, motivational and beautiful. Include a bright pillow on your office chair, a pretty painting on the wall and some greenery either on or near your desk to brighten up the space.

Come into Revolve Furnishings today to explore incredible office furniture and chat with our designers about how we can make your dream office come alive. Our team of highly qualified professionals will be more than happy to assist you with your dream office configuration and design.

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