3 ways to upgrade an outdated home without a major renovation

February 01, 2021

We all want a cozy home that’s not only functional but reflects our personality and brings us joy. Our home is our oasis (now more so than ever), and as we continue to stay home, we have more downtime to take care of all of the little details.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home but want to avoid a major renovation, there are plenty of tips and tricks for a fresh, modern, and exciting space. As one of Calgary’s top contemporary furniture stores, we’ve helped many homeowners design the home of their dreams. Here are three of our favourite tips to get you started.

Modern home furnishings

1. Create an open and vibrant space

Does your home feel a little congested or closed in? Making your home more open, bright, and airy is easier than you think. It can be as simple as replacing bulkier furniture with simple yet attractive modern home furnishings. A lighter couch and a modern glass coffee table can make a world of difference. Or a sleek contemporary dining table with “out of the ordinary” chairs creates visual interest. Another trick is to use mirrors to give the illusion of an open space. Strategically place a mirror to reflect a window or lighting for a brighter, airy home.

2. Choose your furniture wisely

Did you know that the shapes, textures, colours, and material of your furniture can significantly change the energy of your home? A velvet couch gives off a luxurious vibe, while a plush sectional provides a cozy feel. A live-edge wood dining table is ideal for a rustic look, while a glass table can open up your space. While matching furniture can look put together, we recommend choosing furniture that doesn’t necessarily match but complements each other. Remember, furniture is a long term investment, and it isn’t always an easy choice. Finding the right pieces for your home takes patience and research. If you need help taking the guesswork out and easing the overwhelm, reach out to our designers who can help you find the perfect modern home furnishings.

3. Get creative with the details

Once the bigger pieces are set, it’s time to create some personality within the details! Lighting can bring a room to life and make an otherwise dark and cramped corner appear inviting. Contemporary art pieces bring a pop of colour and add a well-thought-out detail. The right rug can pull a room together while throw pillows add texture. When it comes to modern home furnishing, decorations, and little details, the possibilities are endless! Don’t be afraid to get creative and add your personal touch.

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