A Young Buyers Guide to Buying Furniture

April 04, 2019

Furniture shopping is an exciting milestone for a young adult.

While hand-me-downs have a special sentimental value, there are not a lot of things that compare to the feeling of buying YOUR first couch, chair, or dining room table.

But once the excitement calms down and you start turning over the price tags, the activity can become daunting. As a young adult, we have been raised in a very “fast” culture, but furniture shopping takes time.

We advise you to be critical, thoughtful and methodical when it comes to furniture shopping.

In this blog, we have outlined some simple considerations to guide your furniture shopping experience. Need more help? We have a team of outstanding experts who would be pleased to help you with your design and shopping experience.

Step 1: Do your research

In the digital era, we are lucky to have unlimited information at our fingertips. So during your coffee break or downtime at home, do your research.

Whether you know the exact product, just the style or simply the kind of piece you are looking at buying, start on the internet.

Look at the top end products, the low end, and everything in between. This research will allow you to gauge the price, quality reviews and access to the furniture store where the product is sold.

After doing your online research, talk to an expert. With the concise information you have discovered, they can then guide you to the product that is perfect for you answering any of the tricky questions you have run into along the way.  

Step 2: Identify the vibe and ambiance you want to create

Our team loves lists, so that is where you should start. Write down what you like, don’t like, your negotiables and your non-negotiables. Scratch all over it and get messy; don’t be afraid to add and/or take away, think of the list as your stream of consciousness. See our checklist here

Every wonderfully decorated room has an ambiance or a vibe; a character that reflects who you are, what you like and the crowd you attract. Vision boards are a fabulous way to cultivate some ideas of your dream room. Use social media platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram to make your own personalized and perfected vision board.

Step 3: Determine the traffic to the space you are shopping furniture for.

This step is probably one of the most important tricks of the trade when shopping for new furniture. Every room in your home gets a different amount of traffic and use, and so does the furniture.

Are you looking for the couch that will comfort your family every day for the next ten years or the coffee table that will display some pretty decorations?

This may seem like a no brainer but for highly trafficked furniture you need to choose top quality items. Whereas for decorative pieces you can opt for the glitzy, slightly lower quality items.

Additionally, re-address your list of negotiables and non-negotiables. Items such as lamps can always be added on or replaced over the years. This should not take priority over heavy duty furniture such as your dining room table chairs.

Step 4: Decide On Your Budget.

As with most young adults, your budget can also be a huge deciding factor when choosing furniture. I don't imagine that you'll have a bottomless pocket, I don't imagine anyone having that. So affordability comes into play. 

Our furniture clearance outlet has a huge range of good quality furniture to choose from, at a fraction of the price too. So come and have a browse.

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