According to Ash: Sonokeling...what the heck is that?

December 16, 2016

This week Ashlee-Ann brought our new pieces from Indonesia to the South Showroom. They took roughly 6 months to arrive as they go to China first and then on to us. But it was well worth the wait.

New in the line-up are the Bimo Coffee Table and the Sahadeva Stool/End Table with coordinating Gandhari Coffee Table. All are made from Sonokeling. What the heck is that, you ask? Well even Wikipedia doesn't have much to say except that it's the Indonesian version of Rosewood. And as far as our research tells us, it's pronounced exactly the way it's spelled. We call it stunning!!! The grain is amazing and changes pattern depending on how it's cut. It's like Rosewood on steroids and absolutely takes centre stage wherever you put it.

Keeping that in mind, here's the thought process behind Ash's design for the Bimo (shown left) and revolve designer, Greg Ziegler's, design for the Sahadeva and Gandhari (shown on the right). We call it the Secret behind the Sonokeling.

#1 Surround them with tones pulled from the multi-layered grain. Multigrain?

#2 Set them on a dark area rug and watch them pop. Pop. pop. pop.

#3 Keep the accessories neutral and natural. Read wild.

We love the addition of the teak animal sculptures. Introducing the new Kinara Deer Sculpture and Raden Bull Sculpture also from our Indonesian Collection. As well as the returning fave, the Surya Horse Sculpture. Come visit them in person at our South Showroom.

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