According to Ash: The new Kinsey

December 09, 2016

Welcome to the 9th Instalment of our Design 101 Blog.

This week Ashlee-Ann brought the new Kinsey Sectional to the Showroom in sexy black. She wanted to put it in a cool little corner of the showroom where we're showing off the built in Media Wall with Fireplace from our Custom Cabinet Program. So. TV, Fireplace, Black Leather: what immediately comes to mind.... Man Cave. Uh hunh.  Here's how she put together a Masculine Masterpiece:

#1 Use strong graphic accessories.

#2 Add rounded lighting and tables to soften the hard edges.

#3 Add Red to spice it up.

We love how she mirrored the round shade of the Arch Lamp in the round mesh table lamps, the toss cushion and the Kaii End Table. Then mirrored the curve in the TukTuk Coffee Tables.

Let's watch Colin and Justin. Pass the Popcorn!

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