Finding your personal expression and creating a home that matches your style

January 28, 2021

First and foremost, your home should make you feel good. With the right home furnishings and decor, you can find a balance between comfort and style, sensible and tasteful, and functionality and design. 

With so many options, it can be hard to hone in on a theme that suits you or even know where to start. Below are some of our favourite tips on how to find your personal expression within your home.

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Find inspiration online 

There’s no shortage of Pinterest-worthy interior design photos on the Internet. We recommend saving the ones that stand out to you, regardless if they’re different themes. When you put them side by side or create a mood board, you might be surprised to find some commonalities, including the same theme of furniture, ambience, or colours.

Find an “anchor” piece

An anchor piece is something that you absolutely love and want in your home. Browse through our online store or visit our furniture store in Calgary and make a note of a piece of furniture that really stands out to you. It could be as large as a couch, table, or rug or a small decorative item like artwork, a bowl, or a lamp. Our team of designers can help you style your space based on that one piece. As you explore other ideas and home furnishings, you have one item for reference that you truly enjoy.

Start small

The idea of decorating an entire room, let alone a whole house, can be overwhelming! Staring small is much less intimidating. If you’re finding it challenging to envision what you want for your home, find a simple area such as a side table or a bookshelf to focus on.


Gather a few decorative accessories, like a bowl, a mirror, a vase, and anything that inspires you. Arrange them however you like and keep them for at least a week. If the theme or decor has long-term appeal, you can draw inspiration from this area to spread across your home.

Visit your local Calgary furniture store 

A visit to a local store can help tap into your creativity and gather ideas. We believe that furniture shopping is a personal experience. One advantage that local furniture stores have over big-box establishments is the opportunity for meaningful interaction with an interior design expert.  Speaking with someone who is invested in helping you find a unique piece that matches your personal expression is the first step to creating a space that you love and enjoy.

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