Decadent Décor – How to Personalize and Prioritize Your Home Décor

September 04, 2019

Every morning you wake-up, perform your morning routine and then embark on your day. One significant step of your morning routine is getting dressed, and typically what you pick to wear each day reflects your personal style and/ or your mood that day. Unlike your daily appearance, your home expression stays relatively constant and therefore when it comes to decorating your home it is important to consider items that will stay constant and true to your style throughout a designated time. Though décor may change slightly from season to season, it is important to invest in items for the long term. Think of your home décor as a personal reflection of you.
For today’s blog, our team at Revolve Furnishing’s has cultivated a creative list of ideas and inspiration of what your décor says or can say about you. Use this simple list as inspo for your next shopping trip in anticipation of finding that perfect piece. Cheers!
  1. Personal artifacts reveal a strong sense of self:
Incorporating stylish décor that holds sentimental value to you, your family and your home expose the confidence you have to tell “your story”. Purchasing an artifact or a painting on a trip or on a special occasion will not only beautify your home but also serve as a conversation starter with guests.
  1. Family photos encourage nostalgia in the home:
Including family photos in the living spaces of your home is said to increase nostalgia and even a renewed sense of love. Family photos reflect special times spent together and can be a fabulous reminder to slow down and enjoy the company of the ones you love when the pace of life feels a little out of control.
  1. Alternative décor discloses that you welcome change:
Are you bold enough to buy that eclectic lamp or vase?! If so, you most likely have a bold personality that does not fear change. You go with the flow and welcome the new- often weighing the value of experience over sentiment.
  1. Fine art expresses a strong sense of self-confidence:
Purchasing fine art is terrifying for most. The investment almost always comes with a rather alarming price tag and the maintenance can be intimidating. Nonetheless, if you are one to dive into the world of fine art we are going to assume you have a business-savvy mind that is willing to take the risk for the reward. We love your confidence.
  1. Bare space may reflect your hesitation to commit:
There is a very fine line between bare space and minimalism in the world of design and décor. If you find yourself hesitating to hang photos or take the lamp out of the moving box, you may be struggling with the idea of commitment. Maybe this space isn’t the one for you- that’s okay! But once you do find that space that speaks to you and your style, enjoy it and don’t be afraid to personalize!
  1. Greenery can refresh and bring new energy to tired spaces:
Does your space feel dark, drab or tired? Consider investing in some greenery. Greenery can bring renewed energy to a space and make it more inviting. Not great at taking care of plants? No problem! There are large varieties of easy maintenance and even silk plants that are great options for those who are still working on their green thumb.

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