Summer Stylings: 2023 Design Trends

July 06, 2023

We’re discussing some trending design styles and how to effectively implement these into your homes for a spring and summer refresh. 

To learn more about these trends and hear our designer advice, tune in to our Home Design Podcast’s most recent episode, available here.

1. Contemporary Organic Design   

Embraces soft colours, shapes, and textures to bring a warm and welcoming feeling to the room. There is a large movement toward natural and biophilic design, so it's no wonder why we are seeing organic lines being used in interior design lately. Curved shapes and contrasting natural colours and neutrals open a space up and create a flow of movement within the room.

The contemporary organic design style doesn't have to be achieved through colour and shapes alone. This style incorporates materials and neutrals and can create a beautiful and harmonious monochromatic room.


2. Contemporary Black and White

Black and white design has been making a large comeback - not like it really ever went away - but it's gained popularity as many people have gravitated toward neutral and monochromatic interiors. Black and white has been a timeless design style rooted in calming tones and simple hues that brighten up a space. 

Excessive black can seem intimidating and excessive white can seem sterile, so it's important to use a combination of these two and find a balance that unifies the room. Black can be used to bring contrast and ground a light, airy room. For example: if you have light walls, an off-white sofa, white marble tables, and white lighting, opt for black metal for accent chair bases, a black side table, darker artwork, or some dark accessories to help bring contrast and definition to the room.


3. Modern Minimalism

Highlighting the form and shapes of items in your room will bring interest to a more simple and minimal room. Minimalism lacks excessive decor and items that overcrowd the area, so using sculptural shapes in the furnishings and accessories keeps it clean and calming.

Give your space a comfortable, lived-in look and feel. Just because it's minimalist doesn't mean it has to feel blank and empty. Items of all shapes and sizes can work with a minimalist interior. The most important thing when embracing this design style is to pick an aesthetic or colour palette and stick with it. Try not to mix too many ideas, colours, and patterns, and when using different textures, try to keep them as similar colour tones. At first glance, you want the room to be very simple and non-overwhelming. 

Minimalism also emphasizes the reduction of waste. Choosing a minimalist interior doesn't mean that you need to completely re-invent and re-furnish the space. Focus on investment pieces and items that you want to last for a long time, like a high-quality dining table, sofa, or mattress for example. The decor, accessories, and even some of the smaller items in your home, like side tables, can be something you change up every few years.



With trends toward organic design, ensure the pieces you choose are timeless, high quality, comfortable, and durable for you and your lifestyle. An investment piece you love will transcend design trends and work with whatever style you choose to work with. 

This summer, draw inspiration from nature or surroundings that bring you comfort and joy. For example: if you enjoy the beach, bring some sandy beige hues into your space and select tables with a textured stone. If you enjoy the forest, incorporate some raw wood throughout. You can easily adapt your living space to reflect places that bring you happiness through colour, texture, shapes, and more.


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