Mastering the Master Bed Room

October 01, 2019

The master bedroom, one of the rooms we statistically spend the most time in our lives in. This special space is often a design space of our dreams, with plans and inspiration accumulated from early adulthood. We dream of fluffy duvets, throw pillows, fancy headboards and extravagant décor but more often than not, it never seems to come together. Why is it that when it comes to decorating or redecorating our homes that the master is either the last to get done or gets overlooked all together?! As one of the only spaces in the home that is exclusively yours the master often gets overlooked as it does not have any guests trafficking through it BUT that is no excuse to neglect it. The master should be a space of tranquillity, relaxation and intimacy, not piled up laundry and a hand-me-down duvet. As a team, we have curated a shortlist of tips to help you “Master the Master Bed Room” and finally create that space that is perfect for you.

Step #1: How big is the bedroom?

Before we can start with any of the décor we have to consider the size and layout of the room. During this process measure the space and take the time to reflect on the size of the bed suitable for the room, the storage you require, and any decorative furniture additions you would like to incorporate. Set your standards before you start shopping- that way you won’t be left squeezing a big bed into a tiny room or vice versa. What’s that peculiar saying? “Know your limit and stay within it.”

Step #2: What kind of atmosphere suits your needs?

Do you like clean-cut and spacious? Or cozy and soft? For a warmer more “rustic” bedroom consider wood bed frames in rich tones, paired with soft warm colours for the bedding. Accent the room with beautiful picture frames and textured throw pillows. Opt for wood or “wood-like” vinyl for your dressers, drawers and side tables and choose softer lighting to invite warmth into the room. If you prefer a more modern or contemporary feel with crisp clean lines opt for a low profile bed frame that will draw attention away from the bed and into space, making the room appear larger. Seek out clean-cut bedding that is either simply patterned or textured and opt for linear décor and greenery to bring character to the room.

Step #3: Storage!!

There are very few things that discount the mood of a personal sanctuary faster than a massive pile of clothing sitting on your bedroom floor. If your master bedroom is small or has limited storage space, consider buying a bed with storage features. Beds with built-in storage can contain a remarkable amount without taking up additional space in the room. Other storage options include opting for a clothing rack as additional “makeshift” closet and/or bedside tables with multiple drawers or compartments. Too much storage is never a bad thing!

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